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the greatest day ever.


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so we just did a facelift on the firebass/nitrobass/deltabass series 'round here. they're now the max bass series -- the max 700, max 450, and max 240. you may have seen then in your local peavey dealer. i did when i went to birmingham this past weekend.


regardless, i get to test all three of them. they're being sent down today. i have an 810TX cabinet here in the lab, and i just put fresh strings on my plywood P . yeah, baby! yeah!


i can post pictures of the new units for those who haven't seen them yet. they'll be up in the next couple days. there's nothing new about the amps, so i won't be reviewing the sounds.


also, my new hockey skates are supposed to arrive today, which officially makes this the best day ever.


i'm stoked.



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Glad to hear it's such a great day!!


How much of the new designs are a face lift? Are there changes to make the units more solid (I have no experience with them, so I'm not saying there was anything wrong before)? Are there circuitry or feature changes?


Can you get them to leave the nameplate on for more than 10 minutes? ;)


Skate like the wind



Acoustic Color


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