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SWR Bass 750


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Does anyone have an SWR Bass 750?

I live in australia and last year purchased this wonderful amp... But it had to put in for repairs in January and just got it back the other night. 6 Months... I had to wait on parts from America..


Anyway it now has a big fat noisy fan on the back which I suppose is necessary but it shits me anyway.. According tot he tech guy it happens a bit with these amps which makes me wonder why they don't just build it with a fan.


Has anyone else had this problem?

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Well, the fan is clearly an aftermarket piece for the amp so I'm guessing if most people haven't had to send in their gear to get it fixed they wouldn't have this problem.


I'm assuming the noise is audible on stage, but as you travel away from your rig it would naturally become quiet, yes? So that being said I wouldn't worry about the fan if the audience cannot hear it and the only advice I can really give is to either send it back in, play further away, or learn how to tune it out of your ear.

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