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Goliath III vs. Big Ben


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Big Ben = 1x18 enclosure

Goliath III = 4x10 enclosure


They sound radically different, as one would expect going from an 18" speaker to four 10" speakers. I would hypothesize that Raphael Sadiq bi-amps his setup and sends all the lows through the Big Ben and the mids/highs through the Goliath III... or perhaps he sends a full range signal to both cabs, or just low end to the Big Ben and full range to the Goliath... or some other wacky combination of things.


Either way, you would be better off listening to both cabs before deciding on what to purchase. Hell, you might just want to get silly and try out different cabs as well! Maybe even from different manufacturers!! One should not buy gear simply because owns one.


Personally, if my POS tax return ever shows up, I'm going to be the proud owner of 2 Goliath III cabs. They rule most mightily.

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Raphael also uses Ampeg SVT & 8x10" rigs which sound completely different to his SWR SM900, Goliath & Big Ben rigs. I get the impression that his sound is all about his bass, and he just wants a good quality amp that he knows how to work, has plenty of power and enough bottom end.



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In my opinion, the GIII is one of the best sounding cabs you can buy. HUGE low end, tons of power handling, and very nice definition.


The GIII would be my choice of those two, hands down.


With the right amp, it's also pretty much all you will need, even for very large rooms. Even outdoors it'll give you plenty of stage volume, just by itself.

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