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tobias bass question


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would anybody help me?

i want to buy a tobias pro 6 bass(through internet), but some of my friend tell me that now the korea made tobias bass isn't good. (i want that bass for some jazz walking , soloing and slapping).

can anyone give me a few words about that?

ps. i live in HK, and i can find any korea made tobias bass right here. so i can't adjuest that bass on my hand.

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Is HK Hong Kong? Anyway...the Toby basses got a decent review in Bass Player, although that was a few years ago. The verdict was that the you got alot of bass for your money and that the problems were very typical things that you got in that price range.


Check out the returns policy on MusicYo.com, think that's the only place that you can buy these basses.

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Thank NickT,

yes, i'm living in Hong Kong, i just can only afford a bass that around HK$7000 (about US800).

or would u like to give me some suggestion about what kind of 5 or 6 string bass is suitable for jazz walking, soloing and slapping (it's better that the cost isn't more than US1000- that's my limit :) )?

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I bought a 5 string 'Toby' about 3 years ago! Have not had a problem with it yet. If I do have a complaint, it would be the active eq/pickups! Probably worth replacing with something high end like Bartolini!
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I like the Toby Pro series a lot...nice bass, action and all that.


The tone out of the pickups is quiet and useable, but not really exciting and punchy. It would work well for the jazz, but the slap might be a bit weak.


You might also try the ESP C-series. They sound pretty good in this price range.


By the way. You want to slap on a Six? You got smaller fingers than me!

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I play a korean made tobias toby pro-4, can't comment on the 6's but the 4 I've got is a nice instrument, looks great, good build quality, beautiful wood and once I'd set it up a very playable bass for the amount of money it costs. The electronics on mine never really seemed to be that hot so I replaced them with a Bartolini pre-amp and it cuts through a lot better now.


I've heard stories of people having a lot of problems buying gear from music-yo over the net, my buying experience was painless, so I guess I was lucky......


have you checked out the reviews on harmony central ?

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