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Homecoming Post


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Hi! After a long painful period I finally have a stable connection to the internet. So now I can resume my posting. To recap the previous couple of months.


I bought a lakland skyline 44-02 cherryburst. Its awesome! After playing a fretless for 5 years I love frets - Its the first time since starting bass that I have used a fretted and boy you can't pry that thing away from me.


Finally got a tu-2 (boss tuner pedal) boyee are these things great although they will be superkiller when our guitarist gets one as well!


I bought a tascam phrase trainer thingy with a cd player built in. Bummer part is that musicians friend is back ordered on power supplies and the batteries I bought only lasted 1.5!!! hours. I have serveral theories. One is the hole in the wall place where I bought the batteries sold me old ones that had to umpf left. Another is I left it on but it has an auto shut off. finally I think it uses lots of batteries... but I should hope that tascam would produce something that wouldn't eat em up so fast. Oh well


Thats about it


Oh yeah Im still taking lessons and we are delving into jazz charts! Its fun a hell and I love to walk! I'm stoked on it!



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Welcome back Dave.


I know how you feel, internet (especially my provider)is quite unreliable at times. My main computer still has yet to connect (damn proprietary hardware).

groove, v.

Inflected Form(s): grooved; groov·ing

transitive senses:1a.to make a groove in;1b.to join by a groove;2.to perfect by repeated practice;3.to throw (a pitch) in the groove

intransitive senses:1.to become joined or fitted by a groove;2.to form a groove;3.to enjoy oneself intensely;4.to interact harmoniously

- groov·er noun

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