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Avatar Cabs


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I'm just about to buy my new rig per recoms of many of you, and the Carvin RL1000 is a great value. But are the Avatars better cabs than Carvins? Maybe a little cheaper but Carvin gives a package discount and also have speakon connectors as well as 1/4" phones.

I'm looking at the RL115/RL410T vs. the Avatar B115/B410. Input anyone?

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i'm pretty happy with the cabinet side of my carvin combo. it's a 1x15 with a tweeter. it's not the most incredible, but i liked its sound a lot more than an ampeg 1x15 (ya know, familiarity).


that said, i have heard a lot of complaints about carvin cabinets and a lot of raves about avatar cabinets. usually i like to ignore that sort of thing (i mean, i don't like SWR, and who doesn't rave about them?). but i think the complaints had more to do with driver durability than actual sound/tone issues. again, i have had no problems, but apparently other have. and avatars are quite cheap and are loaded with eminence drivers, which are generally quite nice.


so that's a firm "i don't know." i think i'd be fine with either, though i imagine my first choice would be to try avatar. there's no logic in that, though.



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I just ordered a B210 (2x10) cab from Avatar. I will let you know how it sounds when I receive it. I'm mating it to a Hartke 3000. I plan to buy a 1x15 cab from them as well. The prices are unbelievable. You can also get empty cabs and put your own speakers in them. The only downside is they don't have Speakon connectors but you can install your own connection panel w/Speakons after the fact.



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I have a R1000 with an Avatar 4x10, and a 1x18 (not Avatar) and I love it. I had the same questions about the difference between the Carvin/Avatar cabs, and went through the reviews at Harmony Central and checked out the forums on Carvin.com... and the general concensus was the Avatar cabs are much better than the Carvin cabs (even at the Carvin.com forums.) And cheaper. And Dave at Avatar is great to deal with, which makes it even better, although Carvin's customer service is tops too.

I would have like a speakon connector on the Avatar, but the lack is not holding me up any, like DWBass said, they are not difficult to install and not that expensive.

I just wish Dave made a bare cab to put my 18 in...



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I have the 2X10 and 1X15 Avatars hooked to a Hartke 3500 and they sound great, are very well constructed and Dave is a joy to work with. I can't compare them to the Carvin's, but you won't be disappointed with the Avatars.
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