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damn that ben loy

The Fonz

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just when i was starting to get comfortable in my abilities again, one mere night before i had to take the stage myself, i had to go and see mrs. grundy perform. all i can say is ben is one sick motherf**ker. other than that bit of obviousness, the band actually kicked ass. well put together, tight, and hindered only by the ineptitude of the sound man towards the beginning of the set. a must see for all you nyc lowdowners, good stuff.


as for myself i can say that while my performance will tomorrow night will not be as TECHNICALLY sound as our illustrious benloy's, i do have the cooler "i'm the bass player" shirt.

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Sorry that I couldn't make it. The hour was manageable, but I had a previously scheduled dinner engagement in the 'burbs. Gotta check out Big Ben and Mrs. G. one of these days!!

The Black Knight always triumphs!


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Indeed...the soundman was hindered by deciding not to do a soundcheck and was kind of ambivalent in general...


Guess if we're not Tonic or something it's not worth it mixing us right. :D


Bastid and Wraub both provided uber-moral support for this sweaty bassist. And Bastid is making me blush with such nice talk...I could barely even hear myself onstage and was playing by muscle memory for the most part...I could hear myself well enough to notice a few clunkers, though! :rolleyes:


It's too early...I have to be at work at 6...ugh.

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Hey, all, have been unable to post 'til now.

Ben is, indeed, a seriously fine player, and Mrs. Grundy is indeed a fine band. Tight, groovy and with some cool songs, too. Certainly a rockin' group.


Ben played his Music Man and it sounded good, although the mix for the early part of the show did all it could to diminish that (It got better.)


I just might see 'em again...

Good set, Ben. :thu:






I'm a lot more like I am now than I was when I got here.






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Sorry to hear about the SR issues, Loy. You can hope for better in the future.


Nice to hear that Grundy keeps steaming along.


BTW, Ben, did you play that tasty Scharfglass bass treat giving folks the chance to hit on your girlfriend? ;):D





Fanboy? Why, yes! Nordstrand Pickups and Guitars.

Messiaen knew how to parlay the funk.

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I still can't play that song in question: "The Best Time to Talk to the Bass Player's Girlfriend". It's just too damn hard...and I'm pretty sure he takes advantage of his 5 string's range for some of the arpeggios...


I'll let you know if I ever figure it out...

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The best part about Ben having to 'shed and learn that song is that it gives me and the GF a chance to get acquainted... :eek::wave:


Actually, I haven't heard that one yet. I am working on a "Don't Pick It Up" review though...




Acoustic Color


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Thanks again to Wraub and Bastid E for such kind words about my playing.


Especially considering that Greenwalk's bassist, Mike, kicked my playing around the room before I took the stage. That kid is GOOOOOOD...he even had Matt bobbin' his head...

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