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Stu Hamm in SF

Wally Malone

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Got this from Bill Noertker who was the bassist in Bassed on Jazz that Jeremy replaced. I was surprised to see Stu Hamm would be there. This is a small intimate room, not a club. If I wasn't going on the road this week I would have gone.







116 9th St./near Mission

$10 general/$8 student

no one turned away


2nd SET--8:30pm


Annelise Zamula-tenor sax

Darren Johnston-trumpet

Greg Stephens-trombone

Jenny Maybee-piano

Rolf Wolkinson-drums

Bill Noertker-bass


1st SET--7:30pm


Jim Peterson-alto sax

Scott Foster-guitar

Stu Hamm-bass

Dan Foltz-drums

I have basses to play, places to be and good music to make!
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Stu Hamm is teaching bass at the Blue Bear School of Music in San Francisco. He took the position I held after I left the school. I taught there for 15 years.


Stu is a very nice guy. Despite his fame, he has to work like the rest of us. When Satriani or Vai is not using him, no one else calls him. His reputation as a virtuoso has worked against him. People assume that he is on tour or they assume that he would be inappropriate for a typical gig. Neither of these things are true.


Jim Peterson is a fine sax player who also teaches at Blue Bear. He took over the jazz band class that I taught there and I will be subbing for him, teaching the class while he does some gigs with this group. Dan Foltz is an excellent drummer with whom I've played a lot.


Jim also has played in Kurt Ribak's group. Kurt is the other bassist in the group with Wally and me.


Annelise Zamula who is playing sax in the Bill Noertker's group was in my jazz band class many, many years ago and is an excellent player.


Six degrees of separation you say? Looks like it's about two.

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