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Need a new download program


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I use Kazaa,but everytime I have it running it makes my computer run slow as hell. I like the program ,but if I had it running I could'nt even post or look up anything on the web.


If you would please suggest anything better than Kazaa..........thanks

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first of all, this should be an off-topic post


second of all, let's not debate the semantics of stealing


third of all, anything you use to download....well....anything is going to make your internet slower, especially if a lot of people are also downloading from you or you are downloading a lot of data. there's a certain exchange that has to be made. if it bugs you that much, just leave it on when you go to sleep and turn it off when you need to use the internet for other purposes.

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I believe Kazaa uses the Gnutella protocol. Try one of those.

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Kazaa adds a boatload of extra programs that drag your PC down, reporting on your activities and running ads. If you want a shock, run Ad-Aware - a free version is available at http://www.lavasoftusa.com/software/adaware/ to see and remove its many tentacles. However, until you remove the Kazaa program itself, you will find that these scabs reinstall themselves, and some persist beyond that.

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Originally posted by squeennyzim:

. . . especially if a lot of people are also downloading from you . . .

Yeah, reduce the amount of files that other users can DL from you simultaneously. I think the default is 4, change it to 1. Should help a bit.
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