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2 bassist I never hear about anymore


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2 bass players that I used to hear about all the time.My buddy let me listen to them and it seemed like everybody who played bass heard of these guys and then nobody listen's to them anymore.The bassist are MARK KING and JOHONAS HELBORG.These are 2 bassist that are pretty good,I looked them up for download,cant find and on the web deos anybody listen to these guy's and were to find stuff on them......thanks
Pete Combs...
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Jonas Hellborg is fantastic, and my impression is based solely on the only CD of his I've listened to..."The Silent Life." He plays everything solo and on an acoustic bass guitar. There's some really beautiful stuff on this CD.


Maybe this site will get you started:


Bardo Records Jonas Hellborg page





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Jonas Hellborg spells his name Jonas Hellborg. There are a lot of web pages devoted to this great and unique player. If you spell his name correctly, you will find them. That's one of the reasons we keep reminding you to work on your spelling. Google found 7,310 pages with his name on them, including one which has an extensive biography and all his cds for sale.


You can find out a lot about Mark King by going to any of the many Level 42 websites. You probably knew that he played for the band, Level 42. I also did a search on Google in which I typed in: Mark King bass

There were 331,000 results.


You can find transcriptions of some of things Mark King played in the great book Bass Lines by by Joe Hubbard. This book also includes transcriptions of bass lines by Jaco Pastorius, Stanley Clarke and Marcus Miller.


It would be great if more people found out about Jonas Hellborg. I don't think Mark King has been exactly forgotten. He's been on the cover of Bass Player magazine a few times.


At one point the name of Arion Salazar of Third Eye Blind came up in this forum. I was trying to write a PM to someone who wanted to know something about him from the time he took lessons with me. I couldn't send the message because the address was blocked but I will say here that when he came in at age 18 to take lessons, he could play every single recorded Mark King line. He learned these by listening to the records. I was amazed at this and he was amazed that I had learned Dune Tune by reading it out of a book without ever having heard it. And that was our introduction to each other at the first lesson.

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One on my favorite Hellborg records is The Word, where he plays acoustic bass guitar with Tony Williams on drums and a string quartet playing chords.


Sounds odd, but it works, and it's like nothing else... Just fantastic.


There's even a Hendrix cover...

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Originally posted by PETE_COMBS:

can somebody send me links wigonbass@yahoo.com



All of the blue text in the posts above ARE links. Just click and go.


When people want to find out about an artist, they usually start with one of 3 places:


www.google.com - search engine - put in the artist and see what happens


www.allmusic.com - same


www. artist name .com - like www.timbogert.com. It doesn't always work, and it isn't always an "official" site, but you'll be lucky more times than not.




Acoustic Color


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