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OT-Bassist Unaware


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"Then, during [the song] 'False Idol,' a gold cow rose from the stage and [lead singer and songwriter] Jack [Rhineman] beat the shit out of it with his guitar. I thought, man, these guys put on a kick-ass show."


LOL, I love the Onion!! Great article! :thu::thu:

I have no homepage.
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I think National Funk Congress Deadlocked On Get Up/Get Down Issue is still the funiest, especially if you are a fan of James Brown, Bootsy Collins, George Clinton, and the like.

groove, v.

Inflected Form(s): grooved; groov·ing

transitive senses:1a.to make a groove in;1b.to join by a groove;2.to perfect by repeated practice;3.to throw (a pitch) in the groove

intransitive senses:1.to become joined or fitted by a groove;2.to form a groove;3.to enjoy oneself intensely;4.to interact harmoniously

- groov·er noun

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This post was already done! Use the search function! Flame! Flame! Flame!


Okay, I think this is the part where I'm supposed to insert a smiley so that everyone knows that was a joke, making fun of certain tendencies on this forum. So consider that done.

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