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Mrs. Grundy @ The Village Underground 6/3!!!!


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As you know, I rarely resort to outright begging, mostly because I'm so damn funny and my charm gets to you every time. But I think this announcement warrants it. It's long, but hang in there.


On Tuesday, June 3rd, Mrs. Grundy will be playing its first show at the Village Underground.


"Village Underground? Don't major bands play there?"




"No, I mean, like, bands I've actually heard of that are touring and stuff, you know, like Groove Collective and Luna?"




"Well... ...why the hell are YOU guys playing there?"


You know, that question's been troubling us ever since we were offered the gig. But what I can tell you is that this is a REAL theatre, you know, with like, REAL seats and a REAL stage and a REAL sound system. It'll be like seeing a REAL show.


And it gets better: admission is 10 bucks, but it's all ages, AND you get four great bands that night, besides us of course: our good friends Greenwalk, along with Transit Belle and Jackie Pop.


Now, you know when you're watching a street comedian, and there's a huge crowd gathered around him, and he's frickin' hilarious, and he's got you laughing for like 20 minutes straight? You know how eventually he pulls out an empty coffee can and says, "I'm glad you're enjoying the show. If you can, please spare a buck, this is how I make my living, blah blah," and then suddenly people start slinking away while they try to look like they're suddenly preoccupied with the lightpost on the sidewalk? Well, similarly, this is probably the part of the email where y'all stop reading and....NO! WAIT! I'M NOT ASKING FOR MONEY! I'm only humbly stating that if you go to just ONE more Mrs. Grundy show this year, please come to this one. If you come to TWO more, then come to our next one, also.


But we'd really love to see you at this one.


Here's the skinny:


Tuesday, June 3, 2003

The Village Underground

130 West 3rd Street (btw. 6th Avenue and MacDougal Street)

New York City



Tickets are available in advance at this link:



All ages show! (translation: no big doofus in a rice paddy hat checking IDs and making you buy drinks.)


Jackie Pop - 7:00

Greenwalk - 7:30

MRS. GRUNDY - 9:15

Transit Belle - 10:30


If you made it this far, we salute you. Thanks.


PS - thanks to all who made it out to the Lion's Den last week! Thanks to you, we'll be back.



band info, soundfiles, general time-wasting: www.mrsgrundy.com

NEW CD! www.cdbaby.com/cd/grundy2

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Originally posted by BenLoy:

All ages show! (translation: no big doofus in a rice paddy hat checking IDs and making you buy drinks.)

not once has such a horses ass picked a more appropriate name for himself.


i'll be there. does that mean i can count you in for 6/4 at elbow room?


p.s., you might want to edit the title of this thread otherwise people will show up 10 days late.

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BUMP. hey man, this cross promotion stuff is pretty neat. 2 shows, 2 nights, the first ever nyc lowdowners midweek music festival! june 3rd-4th. where will you say YOU were?
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