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St. Anger single released


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I heard St. Anger on the Radio yesterday. It was kind of weird. I liked parts of it but I'm not really sure about the song as a whole. I'm going to have to listen to it a few times. The drum sound was awful but I think they meant to do that.


Anyone else heard it yet? The local radio station was trashing it pretty bad.

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Damn you! I was gonna make a topic about St Anger! Well, I saw it on MTV last night *sigh* I was flipping through channels. I'm sad. I'm thinking that they were better with Newsted now because Newsted left EVERYTHING to the heart of the band, the guitarists. I'm not sure if this new change is due to Trujillo (because like all of the album was done without Trujillo I think), or if it's just them trying to keep on with the times. Hammet is seriously wasting his potential. Things just aren't the same. Hetfield and Hammet use to do some lick exchanging type thing where 1 left off somewhere where the other picked up. Sorry if I'm being vague. It's just they use to be so damn good but now they are sucking so bad! I kind of like the song and think it's kinda "catchy" but I much rather prefer their old stuff. Or atleast that's what I think (pretty much a newbie to Metallica compared to you great ones).
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