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buying a new bass ?


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i have been playing bass for some time


im into classical, rock, a little metal, a little jazz, anything funk and basically anything that sounds good.


i currently own a yamaha erb 4 string.


i want to buy a new bass .


any suggestions ?


know any site where i can learn how to read ?

any site , any book ,anything on how ta read


thank you

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Okay, Mr. Corpse...if you can re-animate your stinking flesh, clean yourself up, make yourself presentable....


The lowdown frequently has lots of new posters askin' this question. Here\'s a link to one such discussion we had...going round the block a long time before it was settled. You need an Ibanez.


Seriously, the bass you play makes very little difference...especially if you're dead. Among the living...any bass that has a nice setup and no major problems will get you going. If it has a kick-ass tone that makes you practice all the more...that's good.


What matters is learning, practicing, listening, reading books, becoming consumed by all things bass. Spending $1000 on a bass won't benefit you as much as singing bass in a church choir. Spending $800 on a bass won't benefit you as much as spending 45 minutes a day listening to Motown or the Beatles with a bass in your hand, trying to play along (well, maybe not the Beatles...lot's of their tracks were spun fast, throwing the tuning off.)


As far as learning to read...learn the notes on the bass clef, learn to read rhythms...all that stuff is made much easier with the help of a teacher. However, I'd think that a beginning string bass method book, something like "Essential Elements 2000" might be decipherable. Mel Bay has a book called "You Can Teach Yourself Electric Bass" that does a good job of teaching you notes.


The real problem with learning to read on your own is it is so damn boring. You have to slow down, one note at a time...lots of tedious repetition, concentrating on perfection...avoiding memorizing...forcing yourself to really look at the notes on the page.


Most people just say "F*** it!" and quit trying. Even the great Jaco had to do this....after his voice was fully developed. That's why a teacher helps....you figure "I'm paying this guy 2 or 3 times more than I make an hour; I'd better listen to him."


You know, even Weight Watchers makes you pay until you get skinny, then you don't have to pay until you get fat again.

"Let's raise the level of this conversation" -- Jeremy Cohen, in the Picasso Thread.


Still spendin' that political capital far faster than I can earn it...stretched way out on a limb here and looking for a better interest rate.

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Along with DBB's excellent advice, I have a question.


Why do you want to buy another bass? Is it because you need a backup for gigs? Is there something wrong with your bass (neck twisted like a pretzel, body looks like it's been in a compactor, no sound comes out...). You can't get any advice on what to buy until you think you know what you need and why.


I just bought an inexpensive bass after buying a custom handmade job. I had a specific need (see the thread for more details).


Think about it. Check the other threads. Go to stores and try basses. If you still have questions, let us know.



Acoustic Color


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thanks for replying


why do i need a new bass ?


ok i'll be honest


dont like playing that bass anymore


( i need a change and i dont get to play other basses often )


been playing it everyday for the past two years


and i mean everyday


of course

to many of you 2 years is nothing


the tone is not exactly what i want

the tone is another thing that bothers me

because of the the tone i just cant get myself to practise for more than an hour


i really want to

but the tone just drives me crazy

i hate it


sounds kinda okay when ya change tha strings


changing strings is not an option coz its too expensive and i cant be bothered to spend whatever money i have on buying strings twice a month .


im used to the fretboard

dont have any problems with it


i like the fender tone

but hate everything else bout fender basses


i recently acquired a jaco pastorius instructional video

he used ta use the humbucker ( or whtever you call it )when playing fast


i tried that on the yamaha


good lord


what i heard is gonna haunt me for the rest of my life


i feel the humbucker is too close to the bridge on my yamaha unlike on jaco's fender to be of any use .


but then wht do i know ?


anyones tried the spector rebop 4 bass ?


so think thats about it


anyways im on my way ta check out ibanez basses


i hope they're good for slapping too



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Try a 80's Ibanez Roadstar II with the square headstock or a 90'S Fender Prophecy II with some Bartolini's. Youll be satisfied then, I hope. Great tone from both, I know, I have em because I was in your same situation. The Ibanez really blows me away. The tone is so focused. The Fender is like a mini jazz with a p-j pickup config. Not bulky at all and fairly light also. Good luck
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