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What is everyones pre gig rituals?

mine? Glad you asked.

I start 30 minutes before a show, streach my fingers and my whole body, medidtate and relax for about 5 minutes, take a nice PGD (pre Gig dump) and do 20-30 pushups right before I go on stage to get my blood flowing and my energy up (taken from That Thing You Do movie).

you can make stumbling blocks, or stepping stones out of the same things, what have you built?
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Hmm.. pre-gig rituals, huh?... lesseeeeeeeee....


1) Call rest of the band to confirm load in time.

2) Load gear & drive to the venue (stoppin en route for a bottle of water & pack of smokes, chewing gum, etc...)

3) Arrive at venue, take a quick walk through to let the people in charge know I'm there & ready to set up.

4) Call the drummer to remind him we're playing this evening.

5) Set up, tune up, and warm up a bit.

6) Get a drink, wait for everyone to arrive (As a rule - I'm always early, the (2) guitarists are always on time, and the drummer's always 30+ min. late.)

7) Help load in other equipment as the band arrives.

8) Call the drummer to see if he's coming/close/delayed more than usual...

9) Slap the drum kit together and count off the first tune in one fluid motion.

10) rock.

...simply stating.
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Push-ups? :eek:


I'm too rushed to think about finger exersizes, but we do try to get the band together for a couple of minutes, usually to discuss a new arrangement for a song or something. Other than that...where's that mirror? :D


CupMcMali...this monkey's gone to heaven :freak:

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pre gig rituals:


1) Grab everything i'll need to play (fingers and bass)

2) Arrive at the place between 2 hour to 15min. prior to gig

3) Set up everything (amp, cables, pa etc.)

4) Take a look around, talk to friends, the nice PGD, have a beer and a smoke.

5) another beer

6) another beer

7) another beer :D

8) Get my bass and place my indian necklace on the headstock (to bring me luck)

9) Play the best i can.

Scales don't do music. Melody does.
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Originally posted by soupster:

Listen to kind of blue by miles and hum.

soupster, I never knew that Miles had a partner named hum, what did he play? :D



I have basses to play, places to be and good music to make!
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I come home from work...frantically change my clothes...load whatever gear I'm going to need on my back/hand truck and head back out the door.


Sometimes I even scarf down a bagel for dinner.

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