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Fender Necks/Bridges

Timothy Lyons

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I'm in dire need of a jazzy sounding bass, but can't stand jazz necks...too narrow. Was going to take a P-bass neck and slap it on a J-bass body...would I have a problem with the pickup positions? Do P-basses and Jazz Basses use the same bridges?
\m/ Timothy Lyons
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They are interchangable - scale length and the

heel of the neck are the same -just the variation

in width at the nut and of course -radius/finger

board/fret choices to make! More of the problem

fitting neck to body will come from choice of


I have a 66'Fender P Bass neck on a Jazz bass

body for many years - LUV it!


Do like jeremyc sez :D

if it ain't broke don't fix it...

unless you need the overtime.

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