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What'll they think of next?


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Hey Martha, look what they done gone and made now - a damn bass git-tar with FIBER OPTIC PICKUPS! :eek: I found this by accident on Ebay:




Which led me to this website:




Not only are these jaw-dropping gorgeous guitars, but the are packed with some amazing technology. There are no pickups, only fiber-optic sensors in the bridge and a piezo transducer to pick up the sound of the wood. You can mix the two, along with a couple of tone knobs and a mid sweep. Now HERE'S the bass for the 21st century!

"I had to have something, and it wasn't there. I couldn't go down the street and buy it, so I built it."


Les Paul

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Neat, but...


From their website:

Got that great Jaco "mwah" sound and then some, it's super super clean.
That's kind of a meaningless comparison they offer, isn't it, given that Jaco didn't need anything like optic pups to get his sound.
Beware the lollipop of mediocrity; one lick and you suck forever.
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We were just talking about lightwave pickups a few weeks ago in this thread.


contentious thread about lightwave pickups and other high-tech gear


If the lightwave pickup gives such a "true sound", why is a piezo pickup necessary to pick up the sound of the body?


Maybe the true sound of the string vibrating is not all we want.


The piezo also is necessary to pick up the sound of the strings hitting the frets and the fingers hitting the strings.


I have played a Lightwave bass. It was the quietest (in terms of extraneous noises) bass I've ever seen. Playing harmonics was a treat...they were as loud and clear as the other notes. However, it flunked the slap test.


But I'm waiting for the next innovation...the nuclear bass (or should I say nukular?).


I quote from the catalog. ;)


"Custom made pickups made of plutonium not only pick up every nuance of sound, but they accurately reproduce the half-life of the vibrations. In addition, the soft glow produced by the pickups enables the player to see the bass on dark stages and gives a unique visual effect for the audience. By using a special cable, the pickups will also power all the gear on stage, making the need for electrical outlets a thing of the past. One caveat: Players of child-bearing age are advised to wear a lead apron while playing a bass equipped with these pickups."

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Jeremy, is it just an illusion from the picture that was on that site, or are the strings made of some other material??


I'd like to play one of those basses sometime, they sound interesting.. although, I really like that 'old and out-dated' technology we call magnetic pick ups. ;)

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Sweet link Jode. I'm always eager to find out about new bass technology. Sometimes I wonder why stuff like this doesn't get popular, then I remember how Fender, Gibson and the like advertise like 10,000 times more.

Does it hurt?


Only when I'm awake.

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Originally posted by jeremyc:

Bump, I think it's an illusion.


But with Lightwave and piezo pickups, you could make the strings out of anything.


How about out of recycled guitar picks?

I like it. As long as we can include some of those swirly, multi-colored picks in them that I always see at Guitar Center.
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