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Bass time management :(


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First i apologize if this question were asked before...I want to ask to all experienced bass player there, "How do you manage your time when you learn bass" ? I want to say...do you do it in this order (for example)


1 - warm up exercise

2- Tv Drill

3- Harmony

4- Sight reading etc...


Is there any good way to learn ?


Thank for all your answers

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I will say that there is only one bad way to learn. that is not to be disciplened and just sit in your room and jam for 20-30 minutes a week. pretty much everything is good practice, like scales, time, fretboard excercises, and fingering positions. I dont know what TV excercises are, so I cant let you know if thats good or bad. here is what I do for about an hour or 2 a day.

Warm up, usually streaches scales, and speed drills with my right hand. then I break out a book and run with that, right now I am learning Jazz so I am working on my walking bass line technique. Then I break out one of my CD's and learn a new song, or redo an older song better, in better time, or what have you. Then I spend the last bit just playing with a metronome and getting my pocket deeper and deeper, playing opposite the clicks, not with them. then I try and mess with my effects to get new inspirition and new tones. hope this helps, but do whatever you need to do to make yourself better. ;)

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Scales and such are a good thing, but I think that the best way to become a better player is to play with other people; Jaco, Victor and Steve Bailey excepted, bass players don't play alone. They play with other people, and the best bass players are the ones who CAN play well with others. Fine a band, or even a few kindred spirits, and start jamming.

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one great peice of advice that i don't follow nearly enough as i should is stretch first. not just your hands/wrists/fingers, but your whole body. all your muscles are interconnected some how and tenson is a whole body thing. the more stretched your body is the easier your playing will be.


then just play the shit outta the thing. then study. i study until i get antsy to play and then i play until i get tired.

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