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OT: Anthrax "We've Come For You All"


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Oh my. Metal heads rejoice!!


For all you complete metal heads out there, or even you closet ones, the new Anthrax album is very, very good. I bought it today and gave it a listen. Bad ass. Go buy it. Hear the blistering thunder which is Charlie's double bass drums. Hear Scott play stupid fast, none-more-metal guitar flurries.


...and also hear the album that I was listening to when this kid pulled a U-turn in front of me and got me into an accident. My poor truck is ailing hugely. To the tune of $5000-6000 worth of damage. I'm OK and so was the other driver (completely his fault and he had insurance). Argh. My Tacoma is now very mangled and in need of some serious magic from the world of auto body repair. Thank goodness my brother works in the industry and is a bad-ass. Hopefully, within the next 2-3 weeks it will be even bigger and badder than before. I really think it was the skull shift knobs that saved me. ;)


Anyways. Kids. Buy the new Anthrax CD, it's good. It's angry. It has everything that a person missing the 'old' Metallica will want and more. None more metal. \m/

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My buddy burned it for me. I like. I've been checking it out every day since I got it. I like the songs with Dimebag Darrel's guitar solos on them. Woo. Rock.



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--Sun Tzu

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Joey was really cool, and I love the years with him, but I think they are a better band with John. He's a much more versatile singer, he doesn't have the same thrash sound that beladonna does, but he really adds to Anthrax.

I read something where Scott or one of the guys said something to the affect of "when I write vocal parts for John I don't really have to worry about if he can do it or not like I did with Joey".

I can't remember the quote exactly, but it was something close to that. Probably a little less bluntly put then that.



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Originally posted by Bumpcity:

I really think it was the skull shift knobs that saved me. ;)


Are you sure it wasn't the leopard-print sheepskin seat covers and chainlink steering wheel? ;)


Seriously, man, glad you're alright.


Any guest appearances by MC extraordinaire, Chuck D, on the new Anthrax? :D Prolly not. :( Memories...I used to listen to the collaborative PE/Anthrax "Bring the Noize" :thu: before hitting the field for rugby games in college. Those were the days... :rolleyes:



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Joey was great.. first 4 times I saw Anthrax it was with Joey. I've only seen them once with John and, frankly, I do think he is a better front man for that band; especially with where they are now. I couldn't see John Bush singing "Medusa"... but a lot of the older stuff would have worked with him. I'd like to hear them do "Among the Living" with John Bush singing. :thu:


Willie, you're right, it was the chain steering wheel that saved me... ;):D My poor wounded truck is in the autobody shop now and they are anticipating 2-3 weeks for repairs. :( Gotta drive this stupid 4-door Dodge Dakota rental truck for 2-3 weeks... ugh. At least the other partys insurance company has admitted fault and liability for everything now.

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