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New Bass


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I have been playing bass for about a year and a half now and am looking at getting a fairly good mid range bass! Any recommendations? Especially regarding pick-up type as I don't know much about them. I want pick-ups that cover a very diverse spread of tones and am not so bothered if they are good for slap! I'd like to hear your ideas! Cheers!
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I'd advise that you look through a few pages of our thread list (the "index", if you will). Any topic that has the words advice, Fender, Ibanez, "new bass", Carvin, or newbie (in all it's various spellings) is probably a thread that will help you. Read them, and then think about more specific questions.


One thing you mentioned was various tones. The two most popular ways to get various tones from your bass alone (no effects) are to use two different pickups (PUPs), and to use a good active preamp. for me, it's the different PUPs that make the biggest difference. I find basses from cheapo to high end that use two of the same PUPs and I just don't understand it. Shoey, PUPs positioned closer to the bridge sound different than a PUP at the neck. For me, that's not enough...


And welcome. Be warned - new posters sometimes get flamed the first time. Follow my advice (about digging into other threads) and it won't last long..


Tom :wave:


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C'mon, Tom not everyone's first gets flamed... ;)

At least this person appears to grasp the basics of communication, and is asking a reasonable question.

I wish more first time posts were this decent.


And I agree about the search function. Its powers are beyond the understanding of mere mortals...


Welcome to the forum. Have fun.






I'm a lot more like I am now than I was when I got here.






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