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favorite DRUMMER??


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ok, there are threads about favorite bassists, but as bassists, one of the first things we look for is connection with the drummer. at least I do- tonight, for example, i subbed for a friend in a top 40 band- had to do cheat sheets for over 30 tunes- not really worth the money for one night's worth of work, but i wanted to help out a friend and i did get paid-

halfway thru the gig i realised that it could've been a lot worse ,but fortunately, the drummer was solid and grooving- it made things a lot cooler.

So, what drummer would YOU want to play with? say its your band and you got the budget to get anyone you want- who do you call?

my choice right now would probably be Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez- that guy is ridiculous- his playing just brings me joy- honestly.. check him out with Michel Camilo

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I think I'd want to play with (in no particular order):


Harvey Mason

John Bonham

Clyde Stubblefield

Stewart Copeland

Mike Clark

Dave Garibaldi

Dennis Chambers

Carter Beauford

Bill Bruford

?uestlove (Ahmir Thompson)

Tony Williams (gulp)

Toss Panos

Nick D'Vergilio

Chad Smith

Dave Abberuzese

Matt Chamberlain

Alex Van Halen

and, of course, Animal!

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In '85, I had just moved to Madison WI, and was invited to a BBQ/outdoor Jam. Clyde Stubblefield was there; playin' the slickest, funkiest R&B grooves I'd ever heard or seen...effortlessly - like foldin' socks! He made everyone sound good!


Confirmed RoscoeHead

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In no certain order:

Steve Gadd

Vinnie Colaiuta

Roy Haynes

Steve Ferrone

Dennis Chambers

Dave Weckyl

Billy Kilson

Jeff Watts


Adrian, in I walked onto a bandstand and El Negro sitting there, I would sh*t my pants turn around and leave screaming. He is so bad it is scary.

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Dream drummer...


A combination of John Bonham, Ziggy Modeliste, Billy Cobham, Bill Ward and Carlton Barrett.


Definitely dreaming...




P.S. And I just want him playing a 4 piece kit with a 24" kickdrum, 18" floor tom, 12" rack tom, badass snare (give me that BSSM sound!), and dirty yet crisp ride, hihat and crash cymbals. KISS

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Ben - I'll second one of your recommendations...

Here's my list in no particular order:


Carmine Appice

Ringo Starr

Pete Thomas (The Attractions)


Darren Jessie (Ben Folds Five) or Ben Folds

the guy I jammed with in Pittsburgh (Gordon something - he was so great !!)


The 4 drummers I've been in rock bands with have been solid players, and I count myself lucky to have rocked with them.




Acoustic Color


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Tom, before I read your post and saw that you had posted, I knew that at the top of your list would be my wife's and my friend Carmine. He definitely rocks. :thu:



I have basses to play, places to be and good music to make!
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Benny Benjamin--YES, thank you!! Da MAN!!


Bill Bruford; Ricky Lawson, & anyone who's played with Steely Dan; Anton Fig; Nick Mason; Nick D'Virgilio; and one of my all-time faves, Bob Siebenberg.


I'll think of others later, & go "D'oh!" (Like Ian Paice! And Barriemore Barlow!) Oh well.


Good news is that the drummer I play with is someone I'm glad to play with ANY TIME! :thu:

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The great groove gurus:


Clyde Stubblefield (James Brown)

Jabo Starks (James Brown)

Jeff Porcaro (Toto)

David Garibaldi (Tower Of Power)

Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

Zoro (R&B session drummer, clinician, educator)


The heavy hitters:

John Bonham (Led Zeppelin)

Ginger Baker (Cream)

Dave Grohl (Nirvana/Foo Fighters)


The wild ones:

Keith Moon (The Who)

Mitch Mitchell (The Jimi Hendrix Experience)


The tasteful timekeepers:

Charlie Watts (Rolling Stones)

Larry Mullen Jr. (U2)

Ringo Starr (Beatles)


The reggae/punk/ska/rockers

Stewart Copeland (The Police)

Adrian Young (No Doubt)


The progressive thinkers:

Neil Peart (Rush)

Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater)


The all-around masters:

Steve Smith

Vinnie Colaiuta

Dave Weckl


The drummer on "Carry On Wayward Son":

Phil Ehart (Kansas)


Gotta love that song!


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"All the world's indeed a stage, and we are merely players..."

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I like the sevaral of the ones that have been mentioned but the following guys have been moving me lately.


?uestlove The Roots

Alan Evans Soulive


Also, I didn't see these names from anyone....


Lenny White Return To Forever

Idris Muhammad

Poughie Bell Marcus Miller

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Sam Kelly - London freelance (imagine Chef behind a drum kit)


Dominic Greensmith - Reef (now ex-Reef I believe)


Matt Cameron - Soundgarden/Pearl Jam (the best rock drummer of all time)


I also love all those guys who do the R'n'B live gigs, Justin Timberlake, Craig David, Pink etc. they just got great groove. I love the feel of those live tracks.

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Oh, Charlie Watts is more than just a tasteful timekeeper, bassdrummer. He's one of those drummers we've all heard about that somehow play melody on the skins (see "Shattered" and "Soul Survivor"). That sort of thing is associated with jazz drummers, which is what Charlie Watts is, a jazzy drummer, of course (see The Charlie Watts Big Band, the jazz band he fronts). Or: Why do you think the Stones still break all records on tour? It's a-l-l about Charlie Watts, the Buddy Rich of R&R...that's why.
"Sorry, that song is not a hit. It has a weak bass line."- famous producer, who's name now escapes me.
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Originally posted by Tom Capasso:

Ben - I'll second one of your recommendations...

Here's my list in no particular order:





Beat me to that one Tom. He and Floyd are one bad ass rythm section.
Your Friendly Neighborhood Pirate- Idnarb
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Hmm.. After hearing YellowJackets MintJam, I would like to play with Marcus Baylor. I think he is underrated, though he is one cool guy.


Definitely different than Will Kennedy, but he can play with the rest of the guys, no doubt.

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Bill Bruford

Pierre Moerlen (Gong)

John Weathers (Gentle Giant)

Stewart Copeland

Mike D (Beastie Boys)

The guy whose name I forgot (The Meters)

Dennis Chambers

Shawn Pelton (SNL/Session player)

And anyone who plays tight and solid grooves with creativity.






I'm a lot more like I am now than I was when I got here.






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