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Lower volume from one string


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I have a Yamaha BB5000A with bartolini replacemant pickups. The bridgepickup is a j-pickup. When I select or pan to this pickup, the volume from the A string is about 30 percent less than from the rest of the strings. I have been told that with bartolini pickups, you can adjust volume individually for each string. Is this the case, or is there something wrong with the pickup or the electronics?
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Coming from my vast knowledge of basses and all things stringed, I'd do the following:


-Make sure you have some decent strings on,

-Check the height of that darn A-String,

-Check pickup height.


30% volume loss is pretty extreme (I hate that word), so maybe a trip to the pro tech is what you'll need if my 3 "Bass 101" troubleshooting fixes don't help.


Oh, and since this is your first post, I must flame you, it's the rules here. Here goes:


"The president of my company would greatly appreciate it if you would use the search feature before asking a dumb question like this. He says that if you searched first and avoided posting, I would spend more time working, and less time on this forum. Thanks."


Okay, I'm done. I'm a nice guy so I went easy on you compared to some around here. But welcome to our forums!

Ah, nice marmot.
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