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Stingray Preamp Mod

Timothy Lyons

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Anyone do this to a Stingray yet?


I've got a 2000 Ernie Ball Stingray with three band equalizer and it's all stock at the moment. I'd like to add a push/pull potentiometer in place of the volume pot to use as an active/passive switch to bypass the equalizer (the volume is passive, only the equalizer is active) while still functioning as a volume knob?


I don't want any switches, no visible mods just something I have in my bag of tricks that I can put in effect when needed, and popped back into active mode without the horrid pop when plugging the battery back into the battery box.


Does anyone know how to do this or where I can find someone who's done this before?

\m/ Timothy Lyons
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the only factor that must be true is that the volume knob must be at the output of the preamp and not at the front end. i don't have a schematic, so i can't answer that for you. if i had a preamp i could look at it and figure it out, but i don't have the MM preamp.


if that is the case, you'd only need to find a pot with a "single pole single throw (SPST)" switch to switch the pickup output between the front end of the preamp and directly to the volume knob. (of course, you could just go sans volume knob for a really basic "get out of trouble" switch.)


then it's just a matter of carefullydesoldering the original pot and soldering in the new one with the switch. you may have to stare at the circuit diagram of the pot for a long time to figure it out where the wires go.


maybe it's a little more difficult than i first thought it would be if you don't have any electronics experience... perhaps take it to a tech if you don't think you can handle it. i'll help out with wiring diagrams if you can send me a schematic and a picture of the preamp.


good luck!



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