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Digital Mixing?

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I have some old multitrack analog tapes that I want to transfer to DAW. I originally planned to transfer them track for track 24bit, 44.1khz into the DAW, add a few overdubs and then mix them down digitally. I've read a few things lately that seem to suggest that digital mixing inside the DAW may not be the best thing for optimal sound quality. (Something about too much number crunching.) Would it be better to just go ahead and make a stereo analog mix to two tracks in the DAW, add the overdubs, then mix? I would like to to have as many tracks available at mixdown as I possibly can, but don't want to sacrafice sound quality. Should I submix the analog tapes down to say four or five tracks in the DAW instead of each individual track for track? I guess what I'm getting at is, does the sound quality of digital mixing depend on how many tracks are being mixed? What about using internal effects should I try to keep them to a minimum?
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