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Monsters of Funk

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I didn't know I would end up there, but last night, I got to see probably one of the most amazing live acts of our time, and some of the funkiest at that. Who, you ask? Galactic, of course.


These guys were holding the groove so well, even I couldn't keep up. There was one point in the show where they were jamming so hard, the music was pumping so loud, I started tripping...no shit, I almost blacked out, and the whole place was spinning. Not just the music, I know, but it contributed.


Anyway, these guys, along with LyricBorn and some other people, rocked the house like I wouldn't believe. An awesome show, nonetheless...I might have to check out the new album by that guy, and get some of those Galactic albums...definitely good hip-hop, and of course some awesome New Orleans style funk. A show to catch, if you get the chance.

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