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passive pickups


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First of all, try the BP magazine archive. Here is the link to their jazz bass replacement pickup shootout. You should find it pretty darn helpful.


You've got a lot of options. If you want single coil p'ups -- nice full, open sound, but you need to deal with hum if you favor one or the other pickup -- I've heard wonderful things about Lindy Fralin, Aero, and Rio Grande pickups. Do a Google search and you can find websites for all three.


If you're not into the hum, you can go with stacked humbuckers or in-line dual coil humbuckers. The DiMarzio Ultra Jazz and Model J p'ups are supposed to be solid. Bartolini makes some as well. Some people dig Bill Lawrence J-45 p'ups for hum-free operation.


I also hear Duncan Antiquities getting props.


Use the "search" feature and look for "pickups" or "pick-ups" in the subject header. I just did that and was gonna post some links to other threads about this, but there were just too many. If you're interested in a few brands in particular, search for those brands to see what folks have had to say.


Happy hunting. (BTW, I'm in the process of getting some Bartolini Classic Bass j-p'ups to drop into my Carvin.)







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