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first jam


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had my first jam today with a drummer, just muckin around with various riffs and stuff... it was great fun, we came up with two possible song bases...

any tips from anyone?

oh and im usin his amp... it's not a bass amp, but it does the job. it's got 3 inputs; treb, bass and flat.

2 questions:

1: what the hell is flat?

2: if i play with a guitarist who uses the treb hole in the same amp, will the sounds mix and become warped? or can one amp handle 2 instruments well?

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Those are really hard questions to answer.


"Flat" is the easiest...it implies that that input attempts NOT to color the tone in any way. This comes from an graphic eq...you know, has about 20 sliders boosting or cutting specific frequency ranges.


If you set all sliders at zero, you are neither boosting or cutting any frequency. The eq is said to be "flat" since all the sliders make a straight line.


Reading more into this strange amp, I presume that the treble hole either has a treble curve boost on it, and the bass hole (we call them "inputs" in the US!) has some kind of bass curve boost.


This can be accomplished in several ways, so it's hard to be more specific.


As far as using one amp for both instruments, it's not gonna sound great. It would work at low volumes, but since you're playing with a drummer, I'll bet the volume wouldn't remain low.


Finally, I trust the drummer doesn't care about this amp. Playing bass through an amp not designed for bass is the absolute best way to fry the speaker. Actually, there is a better way to fry an amp...play guitar and bass at the same time through an amp. This really does give you a great chance to tear it up.

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Hope your new jam turns into something well cool! My current band started of as a Monday night Jam session. My previous band, with all it's dis organised personell had really knocked enthusiasm outta me. So at the start our MOnday nights were just fun, then it grew, Mon..Wed..Thursay and now it feels unstoppable. Don't take it too seriously.


Have fun!


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