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why don't people do their jobs?!?


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I posted a while back that I was getting some DiMarzio Ultra Jazz pickups to put in my Fender J. This has turned into a major pain in the ass.


I order a set of Ultras from a bass specialty vendor (who will remain nameless, as overall they've been very cool to me). It takes a business week to get them, & when they arrive, they're two bridge pickups. It takes another business week to get a neck pickup.


At the same time, I ordered a bunch of stuff from another vendor (pots, etc.). It takes only 3 business days to arrive, but part of the order is missing. It takes a few more days for the part they left out to arrive.


So, two weeks later, I've finally got all the bits together. Well, my bad, I use too weak a soldering iron, & I damage the push/pull pots I was going to use (overheated 'em). No sweat, I figure; I'll take it to the tech in town. (Our town has one tech.) He's a good guy.


It takes a few days before he can get it on the bench (very understandable), & he then determines that the pots are damaged. He doesn't have replacements in stock, so he orders them. A week goes by, I call, & still no parts. A few more days, I call, still no parts. He's starting to wonder if the supplier has them on back-order, so he's going to call them on Tuesday (two days ago). Now it's Thursday & I still haven't heard anything. I've been without the bass now for 2 weeks or so; I'm starting to lose track.


I am beginning to come to believe that I'll never see it again, unless I just go get it, finished or not. I'm almost to the point of doing that, & maybe just putting it back stock--to hell with it, you know. I'm sick of calling the guy.


What is up with this?!? The two vendors I've dealt with don't do their jobs, the tech doesn't keep the parts necessary to do the mods he advertizes he does, his vendor is evidently hopeless...am I asking for too much here?


Sorry to rant & vent. But this is really making me nuts!!

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Hate to say it, but you usually have to wait a helluva long time for the best work to be done.


It's like asking for a Sadowsky hand-built in a week. I work as a sales representative for a distributor of discrete semiconductors. And as a distributor, I work with other distributors, and from time to time, orders get misplaced (not by me of course) or delayed by unforseen events which can really back up a system. In fact, closing the company for a single day because of a blizzard backed our company up for almost a week because everyone wanted work done right away and when THEY work, they never take into account human error. Sorry to say, you might just have a bad streak of luck.

\m/ Timothy Lyons
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That same question is a common topic of conversation down here in Nu Awlins, but I thought it was our funky school system that was the problem with us!


Actually... I do feel that one of the traits about Americans that made us so strong was doing things right and taking pride in what we do.


I have many opinions on why that has changed, but I shall not bore my fellow bass players with them here... but I will say that not taking the time to do things right, and not taking pride in what we do, is messin' us up big time. (Of course, I am not speaking about everyone!)


But, if we all individually try to do whatever we do well, then bit by bit the world may be a better place!


Until then, I CLING onto companies that I find who do a good and dependable job.




... Connie

"Change comes from within." - Jeremy Cohen


The definition of LUCK: When Preparation meets Opportunity!



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I hear ya', brother.


I'm trying to get some Barts to stick in my Carvin. I'm working with the local Bart dealer via e-mail, but the guy hasn't been the most reliable communicator. I'm gonna have to call or drop by to see what's up. I know that once the order is placed it'll take a few weeks for them to come in, but I don't even know if they've placed the order yet.


I'm actually thinking about ordering a Bart pre also. I don't really have the funds right this minute, but maybe I'll take a plunge now so that the whole thing, including installation can all take place at once.


It's frustrating. It's even tougher when you know and like the folks who you're working with. If the local shop hasn't ordered the p'ups for me yet, I might get Bass NW to take care of it all, ship it out to me, and then I'll have a local guy do the install. I'll suck up the shipping cost (more than the price differential -- BassNW has slightly lower prices on the electronics I want), but BassNW has been pretty prompt when I've worked with them in the past. I'm just trying to support a local shop, ya' know?!





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