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lesson scale?


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Greg, If you charge by the string and are teaching other MSB'ers you should have a floating scale by the number of strings above four. :D


Actually, I haven't done teaching for a number of years now, when I did, which was quite a while back, I charged $25 an hour. I did one hour lessons twice a month and it worked better for the students than weekly lessons. I'm sure there are others who are currently active teachers that will post on what the market is bearing these days.



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Originally posted by Bumpcity:

Man, almost forgot to include my smart-assed reply.. :D


lesson scale: Bm dim5#13b11augYoMamma

Quality. You're a pure spirit, man, a pure spirit.


In response to the topic at hand, I take 30 min. private lessons at a local Chicago music school and pay $20/lesson. The 60 min. lessons are twice that (duh -- $40/lesson).


Based on the responses thus far, it sounds like $35-$45 per hour is probably reasonable. However, you may have to adjust that depending on your locality.



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Damn, I knew I was getting ripped off. I was only charging $9 per 1/2 hour lesson to my 11-yr old student last year.


Even though the kid had a great ear, the little bastard wanted me to do nothing else than tab Green Day songs out for him. I should've been getting paid double just to have to listen to Green Day for that amount of time. Plus, just hearing an 11-yr old say that he's been "too busy" to work on scales and exercises just pissed me off. Here I am w/ a 40+hr job, 12 hrs of school, in a band, w/ a girlfriend, and I can still give lessons to you on Sunday afternoons w/ a hangover while your Mom changes my TV to the Lifetime Network and yet your 11-yr old lifestyle leaves you "too busy" to learn one damn pattern of 8 notes that will allow you to play any Green Day song ever written?


Next time I take students, I think I'll charge much more to weed out the less-serious students.

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We had a discussion of this topic back in October.

How much should a bass teacher charge will give you many responses.


Since that time, any new students I take are paying $12. A local music store charges $17 and pays the teacher $12, so I guess I'm in the ballpark.


Actually, that store is recently opened, and owned by my best friend, so I guess I'm competing with him in a sense. He tried pretty hard to get me to teach there, but I wouldn't...so he hired another guy.

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$125/month for 4 one-hour sessions, 4 successive weeks (I take a week off on those 5-week months). Wazzat...$31.25 an hour? For the area, pretty much in-line I believe. Of course, this is where I like to start, but accommodations are made when they are acceptable (scale and frequency of lessons).


The monthly deal seems to accomplish a few things: commits the student to really immerse, the "down-time" between lessons is shortened, which improves retention, and the almighty expectations are only a week away. Oh, and the cash flow seems to work a little better. Seems to work for me, your results may vary.

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What a timely post. I was just goint to ask this question myself. I too am in the Seattle area, paying $35/hr. I wondered if it was typical. Guess it is. My teacher is great, so I'm a happy boy. Only problem is it costs me an extra $9 in gas to drive to each lesson!

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Ive just started teaching 3 kids at my school. They all know that if I or any other teacher has a problem with behaviour, homework, attitude or anything I stop teaching them. If they dont practice at home what I tell them, I stop teaching them. Thats because I also had a student who did no practice and said he was too busy, I ended up helping him with his music homework rather than teach bass. Its not worth the aggrivation. I let their parents know that my time is more precious than money and that it won't be wasted by their children. That's my belief perhaps it can help you with your student.

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