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Jazz moving to mainstream/pop culture exposure?

Mike H.

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I don't believe that a resurgence in jazz popularity would cause an upsurge in watered-down pseudo-jazz, for the simple reason that jazz requires some thought and appreciation of the talent and inventiveness required. Yes, there is Kenny G, but he's found his audience, and most who know jazz can't group him among jazz players. It's like comparing the Bay City Rollers to the Velvet Underground - the instruments are the same, but one audience would EAT the other.


The jazz fan will continually reach for their level...some stop at Count Basie, because of the band's accessibility, some push further, to the Jazz Messengers, to Brubeck, or to Bird's bebop and beyond (to the "is-it-supposed-to-sound-like-that-or-is-the-soloist-falling-down-the-stairs" variety).


My concern is not that jazz will become too popular, but that it may lose ground, thus endanger labels who take financial risk by releasing new jazz albums. The push to add more Britneys or Backstreet Boys' because of the guaranteed bucks is enough to turn many labels to attempt the same thing and, with a limited number of consumer bucks out there, jazz may go underground (again).



Tim from Jersey :thu:

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