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What can I say?


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I thought I would share with you a bit of dialogue from my friend's house las't night:


Me: (Picks up guitar and messes around) Hey this thing ain't too bad, when did you get it?


Friend: It's not mine.


Me: (Goes over guitar more carefully) The neck's straigh, the pickups are nice and low, and the intonation is perfect, this things set up nicely. Most people don't take the time to set em up this well, who's is it?


Friend: A freind of mine, he's actually a bass player.



These words, are sledgehammers of truth.
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i think it is absolutely crucial to be able to setup your own instrument. being able to set mine up properly affects how i play my basses and how i get different sounds from them.


and this is only recently that i've been able to do that. before i learned, they didn't get set up often enough, because i didn't want to pay the local shop $20 to do it.



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