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Another one of those bass purchasing q's


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Yea I'm thinking of getting another bass mostly because my friend works a guitar store and says he can probably get me a 25% discount (whether 25% off of new products is going to be cheaper than used stuff elsewhere is still to be determined.)


Right now I've got a MIM fender J- five. I'm thinking of upgrading to a fourstring american-J. Was wondering how the recent models-like 2000 and up compare to the more vintage ones.


as well what other guitars are in my price range (6-900 US)


thanks in advance.

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Lately, my impressions have been pretty favorable. There's a US J bass at a local dealer, for instance, with an ash body & maple fingerboard, & I think it's a lovely instrument to play. The reissues have been very nice, too. I recently bought a Japanese Fender J 70s reissue (the Geddy Lee model) & I think it's great. So I'd say go for it--play as many as you can & watch for the one that really lights you up.
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Well, I got my Stingray brand new for $950 US, so, you can get a good bass for that kind of cash. Of course, it helps to be a good haggler. I had a 2000 American Deluxe Jazz 5 and it was great. If you can get one of those, I strongly suggest doing so. The 4's are just as nice. Just be sure to play as many as you can. The right bass will let you know. A friend of mine found a 76 Thunderbird at a pawn shop for $300 in perfect condition just last week. So, don't rule out pawn shops.
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I played an active Jazz 5 a while back, and was pretty happy with it. definitel worth looking into if you're a Fender J fan. Already have a 5 string though, so my next is gonna be a 4.

hmmm... if I scrimp a little on the amp, maybe I can swing both... nahh. better not.



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A friend bought a new American made J 4 last year. I've played it and it is fine. Sound, feel, etc. all work well. And I've played it when I sat in with his band on a gig, so it's not a "practice only" test.


Having said that, there are many basses in that price range. If you really want a Fender, or that's all your friend can get you, go for it. Just look it over carefully before you take it...


Good luck!!



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