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Music school?????


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Hey I've been contemplating going to a music school, and well im scared!!! I've only been playing a year and a half and it can seem a bit overwelming thinking about the other people that are tryin out for the same school.

(u know those good people)I was just wonderin if any of yall went to music school and if it was worth it and was a good experience.


I didnt know what to put on my tape so i just put some originals and a couple of jazz jamswish me luck and please reply!!!

What yaaaal doin
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Just be sure you go to the RIGHT school. If you want to be a rock/pop player, be sure you choose a school that has programs that will help you and interest you. I made the mistake of going to State U., which had an excellent "legit" music program, but was sorely lacking in the 'real world' aspect.

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I've been playing for 15 years and am just now going to community college. If, for whatever reason, you can't get into a 4-year institution right away (But I wish you the best of luck with that), CC is a very good and VERY cheap way to kick off the first two years.


Just a thought, I'm sure you'll make it though.

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Music school, private lessons and ensembles will work wonders for you.


Let's talk "tracks" a minute.


In music college, you will more or less have to eventually decide whether you want to be a performer, educator or producer/businessman.


Performance is a part of all three degrees, and different schools require different levels of competence. For example, University of North Texas requires ed majors to be a fluent on their instrument as performance majors.


Being an educator must NOT be a safety net for a frustrated musician. It's not fair to the kids and you won't be very successful.


But most music schools won't really let you, the performer, decide what kind of music you study or perform. They will let you know what they think you should study...and I guarantee you won't like at least some of it.


If you wanna write original jazz tunes for release, you probably won't find a school that you are happy with. However, if you want to get a gig in the Air Force Jazz band, a 4 year stint in a top jazz school will prepare you pretty well.

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I started playing at 15 and by 17 was gigging professionally (before the drinking age changed in NY there were a LOT!!!! of clubs to work in.) I went to college and majored in music for a year but it wasn't my bag at the time. The school had a more classical/legit approach which was great, but I wanted more jazz, etc. I was playing all the time, had a together band with house, truck, manager, production company representing us, roadies bla, bla, bla.


My point is that there was too much going on for me to focus on school, so I left after a year when I had to apply for more student loans. It was a good decision at the time but when the band broke up (of course) 3 years later; I wish I had that degree or at least the experience.


One of the great things about music school is that you get a lot more opportunities to play if you go to the right school. There aren't as many places to work in today as there were back then (Ah the 70s/early 80s) and it is important for musicians to get as much experience early as they can. The right music school will be able to provide you with this.


There is also the advantage of acquiring skills like following a conductor and playing in a large ensemble and blending and all that that you can learn at school. I had to learn it on the job with people who had all learned it before so I was immediately at a disadvantage.


I would say to research the school well and even if you don't know right away what you are going for, you will be a better player when you are done because of the experience. Good luck.

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