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Silly Idea


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Taking the train - Boston => NYC for a show tomorrow.


So really only want one bass bag. Amp is already there.


Question - I'd like to bring the Stingray but don't trust it 100% yet. So I need to bring the J.


Just realized both will fit into a single Mooradian bag.


This is probably a bad thing to do. They are back to back but neck stress.


Anyone tried this? Bad? Not an Issue? Probably won't but it would be great to gig the ray with the security of the J.


Silly and long.



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I've got one of those double-bags too, but they're made for the purpose. there's a padded lining so you can put 2 basses in there, both facing the same way. If you try this in a bag intended for a single bass...bad things.
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Just noticed this.




Show was good. CB's Gallery. They always treat us well there. Played and drew very well.


Unusual band though... The singer, drummer and myself have all played with the Guitarist/writer at various time for extended periods. But never together untill this came together.


And through some accident of nature it's a really good band with near zero rehearsal. Just good chemistry and a serious work ethic when we do rehearse.


Add to that - I'm in Boston, the drummer's in central Mass, the singer's in Stamford and the guitarist lives in Manhattan. Jeez - wwho came up with that?


And yes, I just brought the J. First show with the Warmoth neck. Very nice neck. But the tone is noticable different from the original mis-70s fender neck.


Way too long.



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