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Suggestions on new bass purchase welcomed

Vitruvian Twin

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I own an old Fender P-bass, which is now quite defunct, and a 4 string Ibanez Ergodyne (EAD900). I'm wanting to move on to either a 5 or 6 string. The only one that really moved me so far was the Yamaha RBX775, but then I haven't gotten around to too many just yet. I figured by it's looks that it was just really gimmicky but it actually played beautifully! I use an SWR SM-400 head and a 4x10 SWR cab. Taking all of that into consider ation, what should I look into? Suggestions?
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I play a 5 string ibanez simply for the neck. It is thin and fast. I checked out a few 5 str yammahas they were quite nice and may have sounded better than mine (opinion only) but i liked the feel and sound of mine.


My best advice is to go to a shop wave your money under the guys nose and tell him you wanna see all his 5 strings.

Providence over serendipity any day.
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I played a 5 string Jazz at Guitar Center the other day that sounded and played alot better than I expected... I didn't like it as much as my own bass, but it's worth looking at... I second Edendude on the Spectors, too... they're pretty sweet.


Aerodyne Jazz Deluxe

Pod X3 Live

Roland Bolt-60 (modified)

Genz Benz GBE250-C 2x10

Acoustic 2x12 cab


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