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Making your own


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Hey im a newbie who wants a giggable rig, i was thinkin a 300watt head and a 4x10 or a 2x10 and 1x15 but this second hand will push my budget, so perhaps building my own might be an option.


Has anyone built their own cab, i was thinkin buying to start of with a 300watt head either brand new or s/h and then a 2x10 and building my own 1x15 as i gather multiple speaker cabs are hard to build.


p.s. if i have a 300 watt amp with 2 outputs for speakers does that mean that each speaker gets 150w or 300?

Help im a newbie, thanks

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I've built a cab, it's harder than you think to build one that won't rattle and is light weight and has tolex or carpet covering. But you can always try.


Used speaker cabs are usually not too expensive and used speaker cabs without speakers in them (if you can find one) cost almost nothing.


As far as two speaker outputs on your amp, if you connect two 8 ohm cabinets you are now getting a 4 ohm load total. This will cause your amp to put out more power but not twice as much as the rated power.


Someone who speaks electroniceze will be able to explain this better than I.

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