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Epiphone LesPaul


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I purchased a LesPaul standard 5 string bass a year ago. I have not seen many reviews on this guitar and I was wondering if anyone had any experience or feedback, as in reliability,playability and how they stack up against other bass guitars. thanks
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Wow, I didn't know there was a 5 string Les Paul bass :eek:


I purchased a Gibson Les Paul recording bass in 1972, and I love it. It has only gotten better with age. It's really heavy, but has sustain for days. Because it's a medium scale bass, I don't have a lot of string choices, but Rotosound and Thomastik Infeld both sound good on it. I replaced the bridge with a badass, put on straplocks and removed the pickup covers so it's not orginal. The only thing is it's HEAVY. Mahogany weighs a ton, and since I broke my collarbone I can't play this bass for long. I also had it refinished as the original finish got too funky (too many years, I wore it down to the wood where I dug in too many times.) The medium scale doesn't have the "booty" of a long scale bass, but those low impedance pickups sound REALLY good. I used to run it with microphone cable and a transformer to my amp, and it really sounded sweet.


Anyhow, that's my review (a little long and OT 'cause it's not a Epiphone bass)


Randy Clay

I'm trying to think but nuthin' happens....
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Thanks Randy

Since mine is a Epiphone,I am sure it lacks the overall integrity that the "real" LesPaul has, But It does play sweet! I was playing an old Gibson Melody Maker (the best we can tell) 1968 vintage. The LesPaul caught my eye amd it was instant attraction. Playing was the clincher. I had never played a 5 string before and was concerned with the reach and hand comfort. After playing the 5 string, I have more problems re-adjusting to the Gibson. It is very comfortable to play and the sustain is for days. It is a bit heavy but that is the trade off. I guess the saying goes that "if you like it, it doesnt matter what others say",but being a novice, it is nice to have more expert opinions. The bridge does concern me and I was contemplating some mods in that line.

Again, I thank you all for your feedback,,,,Stu

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I had a Gibson Les Paul Special 5 string for a couple of years. I posted a review on the Harmony Central site IIRC.


Pros: decent sound, nice neck width though a bit chunky, great looks, decent sustain and reasonoble low B. active PU's


Cons: Heavy. Neck dive, since no upper horn to fasten strap to. Battery is inside back compartment--screwed in...cannot change a battery in mid song. Did I mention heavy and off-balance?


Although I regret no longer having this bass, its replacement--a Warwick Fortress Flashback 5--is far more comfortable and playable, with great sound.

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