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Originally posted by d:

Originally posted by Jotown:

[QB]danymal_x wrote:

That indeed is a big part of it... its a different generation, raised with rock & roll as a matter of fact, not like previous generation(s) who had to pioneer the sounds, styles and, well just about everything.

This is what happens when things get taken for granted by a generation, and they lose the true value of what their parents had to earn... again, a topic that could go on forever, yesno

That is a very astute observation. That is the main reason for the stylistic malaise that is everywhere on the radio and the mainstream music industry these days.


60's rock had the benefit of many musical influences that were prevalent at the time. In the early 60's on top 40 radio you could have the Beatles, Frank Sinatra, B.B. King, Peggy Lee all in the top ten at the same time.

Actually BB King was only ever on the segregated R&B charts in that era (at least until "the Thrill Is Gone") & his first national TV appearance wasn't 'til about 1967.


There's always been a tendency for popular music to be self-imitative & for the "most common denominators" to be most popular.


But the point that Jotown makes is at least partially true; as the bizniz of entertainment has grown (like all other industries, from clothing to the foods we have available), it has been harder to get exposed to unique, interesting artists other than the current "flavor".

The cycles of imitation have also grown more tight, as has the exclusion of any who aren't young & maleable.

Just to clarify; I was making a general statement about diversity on the radio, not saying that those artists in fact were all on the top ten in one specific week.


The big point being about diversity of musical styles that could be heard on the radio at that time, and how that influenced the up and coming music makers.



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Originally posted by CMDN:

Any of these guys could have been the next "The" band to break... This recent influx of popular "The" bands isn't due to some gang of talentless musicians with a conspiracy to ruin music. If you wanna blame anyone... blame the labels for taking the genre and sucking the joy out of it by over-marketing and trying to cash in.


As for there not being any "groundbreaking" new music out there... I would suggest that there is plenty. You just have to know where to look for it and have the patience to wade through all the other crap out there in order to find it.

I definitley agree... the talent is there. The 'groundbreaking' material is definitely there, somewhere.

The problem is that for every talented artist that comes out of musicville, there are hundreds of 'copy cats', attempts by the labels to cash in on that one talent's success. And to me, that lessens the impact of anything new so much that it becomes almost sterile. Then it becomes a case of 'I was here first' and degenerates into a melee of pumping out more and more sterility to the point that what was new and interesting and 'groundbreaking' becomes simply annoying, because you hear it everywhere you go, and everyone is imitating it.

Maybe we should move this to Anderton's Forum, huh?


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