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Country music lovers: Darryle Singletary, Wade Hayes, Rhett Akins

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I saw those three at a "Honky Tonk Tailgate Party." Interesting title since there wasn't a pickup in sight in that showroom. But I'd looked forward to this and it didn't disappoint. I tell ya what, if you like traditional country, it don't get any better than Darryle Singletary. This guy has one the most awesome baritone voices I've ever heard. It's a shame he's not promoted more. He does have a new song and I sure hope they play it on radio because it's real good. Something like "Mama whooped me with a George Jones album" or something like that. Real catchy. I bought his new 2002 CD and it's on there. It's kind of a "tribute" CD like Alan Jackson's "Under The Influence" CD, except not as good as Jackson's. Of course "Under The Influence" is one of the greatest ever, so that's not real fair. I guess Alan Jackson is my fave. Hard to find fault with his music. And what a great voice. One way I realized how great a voice he has is the duet he does with George Strait, "Designated Drinker." Alan Jackson's voice is definitely better, IMHO. And I'm a big George Strait fan. Singletary had a run back a few years ago. "Amen Kind Of Love," "Ain't Never Had Too Much Fun." And IMHO, one of the greatest country songs of all time -- "The Note." Damn, this guy is good. And that song... wow! I didn't know Wade Hayes played guitar. Plays a darn good Tele lead. I don't know if these three tour permanently together but if they do, catch the act.

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