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NAMM? Who went? What was cool?

_Sweet Willie_

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Thanks, guys. I'm sittin' up here in Vermont, two feet of snow on the ground, temperatures below zero almost every night since Christmas, one of my bands just folded and another is threatening to, so it's GREAT to hear good vibes from the sunny and warm left coast! Jeremy, Adrian, thanks for the pictures.
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Thanks for the time writing the reports, gentlemen. Jeremy, I like your idea of having one area of concentration when you go. I think if I ever go, it will be just to listen to the players. Of course I'd be checking out gear, hobnobbing, etc, in between, but to watch everyone in action...sheesh. Probably wanna make me quit playing :)


Glad it went smooth and you all had a great time. Good reading.

Bassplayers aren't paid to play fast, they're paid to listen fast.
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