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My pedal :digitech synth wah bass envelope filter. It messin with my head. Im using the batteries and it sometime its works and the light goes on when i plug it in......and sometimes i plug it in and it doesnt. And sometimes the light goes on afgter i have pressed down and it wont go off....and theres no effect. anyone here of this?
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Sometimes the digital logic inside gets locked up, confused. Disconnect the battery, wait about 15 seconds, reconnect the battery. This normally resets the logic.


Do you still have the instruction manual? I'm not familiar with your pedal, but they might have a way to reset it also.


Also, clean as many electrical contact points (jacks, etc) as you can get to with some alcohol, after shave lotion (makes it smell soooo good), or invest in a can of Caig Deoxit (probably have to order it, but good for all your equipment).


Just some thoughts. Good luck.

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