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So who are the bass players' favorite drummers?


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I'm always amazed at just how many drummers I have spoken to whom have never even listened to Gadd's succession of ever more intense mini breaks on the title track from Steely Dan's 'Aja'.


It should be required listening for every man or woman who sits behind a kit. The dynamics and feel of the drumm tracks on that cut are unmatched, if you asked me.

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Originally posted by Chris985:

the drummer from Incubus (cant remember his name?

Jose Pasillas - Good call, I can't believe I left him off my list. He's one of those rare drummers in a rock setting that it's hard for the listener to anticipate what he's gonna do next, and yet he makes this work so well. Just listening to him changing the placement of the snare in each measure makes listening to Incubus fun by itself. Huge part of their sound (Not to mention bassist Dirk Lance is a monster!)
Ah, nice marmot.
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Will Rigby--Started with the dB's a long, long time ago and plays behind Steve Earle now. Nice simple, groovy rock player.


Steve White--Started playing with Paul Weller when he was a teenager and has been with him for oh, twenty years now. Really knows how to work the dynamics in a song.

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J.D. Blair

Dennis Chambers


Danney Carey

Chad Smith

Guy from Incubus

Buddy Rich

Carter Beauford


*Saw Paul live with Larry Coryell and Mark Eagan twice. Simply Amazing. He has a really tiny bass drum which suprised me a little, I dunno why..

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Originally posted by davich:

Dear Mr. Bassist,


Came in, read thru the sheet music, said "okay, I'm ready," and cut that track in one take.

From where did you get this information? The mood is very nice in Aja. I never think took only one take.
Actually, it took two. I used to have a Modern Drummer article on the drummers of Steely Dan, and Donald Fagen said that Gadd had never seen the chart before, and the performance on the album was the second time he ever played it. That's a seven-minute cut with meter and dynamic changes galore, plus a couple of involved solo breaks. I think it just might be the most masterful drum track ever recorded on an AOR rock song, and Steve Gadd only learned the song about ten minutes before it was recorded.


I also saw a story once in the liner notes of a Chuck Mangione CD about Gadd earning a nickname at a session one time: "Steve God." :thu:

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Les Paul

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