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Using a floor moniter cab as an amp??

Kooky Mogessi

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I just got an email ad thingy from american musical supply and they have a Nady 400 watt floor moniter cab for $99.95. I'm low on cash and when i saw this i said to myself "hey hair looks good today but do you think this would work as an amp?" myself didnt know so i'm asking you guys.


If it would work would i need a head or something to power it and would i just use it as a cab?

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i don't see why not, as long as the impedance works out... a box full of speakers is still a box full of speakers.


which brings us to another point which is the only word of caution: speaker boxes for bass cabs are built in order to resonate frequences and help your speakers work to produce bass louder and more clearly. i don't know if the monitor cab is going to be built in such a manner. it may work great. see if they have a similar deal on a d.j. bass speacker. those things are deviant.

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Do be careful- cheaper gear, such as some of Nady's stuff, comes listed with the absolute highest wattage rating the device can handle. More accurately, the cab cab handle about 200 watts RMS. There's been much talk on these forums about how it's a good idea to buy amps with a slightly higher wattage rating than the cabs used, but it'd be pretty easy to overpower that cab.


But still, for $100, that's not a bad deal. You can use it and then keep it as a monitor onstage when the better speakers come in.

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I don't know what you are used to playing bass thru.....but I'm certain that the floor monitor mentioned will sound just awful at any real volume.


It's probably loaded with an inferior woofer, not capable of any real bass output, stuffed into an underdamped cabinet not designed for bass guitar.


Will it suffice for bedroom practice ?? Probably.

But nothing more in my book.



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