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The New Rig is Alive...


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Just hooked my SansAmp up to my Stewart 1.2.


I plugged one stereo side into the Acme (350watts at 4 ohms), and slowly turned it up (with the SansAmp bypassed), and it sounded great with my bass just DI'd!


I kicked in the SansAmp and dialed in a nice fat "warm tube" tone...although the high end was a little "clanky". I'm not going to be using this preamp as my "clean" channel anyway, but the sound was nice (not as nice as a Demeter's but nice).


Then I dialed in a couple different overdrive sounds. Oooooh...yesssss. :love:


I'll update this when I do more testing with the bridged power amp and the Demeter in place.


One happy bass geek, here...

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yeah, sansamps are lovely. i managed to make a peavey mark VI sound good with one until i managed to scrape together the funds for a used ampeg. those things kick ass. i'm sure if i wasn't such a one dimensional find-my-one-kick-ass-tone-and-do-not-deviate-ever kind of guy, i'd go get one.


you go ben! when can i try test drive it? i promise i'll bring it home in one piece!

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Arr.. I hate hearing this right now.


While I was in my local shop this past weekend completing my rig, I spotted a seemingly like-new SansAmp RBI for like $170. I didn't even try it out, 'cuz I knew I wouldn't have the money at the end of the day.


However, I walked out with an Ampeg SVT-410HE cab to put between my GK1001RB head and SVT-115EN cab. If the RBI is still there when I get the rest paid on this rig, it's mine... but I'm not holding my breath. I'm pretty stoked as it is anyhow :) . First time I've been completely satisfied with my rig.



...simply stating.
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Sounds like you are on your way.


I guess I missed something (duh). How are you going to feed the signal around?


Stingray to the Demeter to CH1-Stewart, and take a feed out of the Demeter (where?) into CH2-Stewart?


Still working on the scheduling for Saturday....hoping....




Acoustic Color


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The Stewart has a 'bridged mono' mode where it just sums everything being sent into channel '1' to both sides...and then you plug the banana plugs into the amp in a way that draws current from both amps.


The left and right channels have 1/4" speaker outs, but the only way you can bridge both channels is with banana plugs.

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