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Tech 21 Reviews? need help


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Go to the Tech 21 website . Go to the "Reviews." There is a link to the B410 review by BP mag.


I have never used any Tech 21 products, but many on this board have said positive things in the past. I don't know anyone here, though, who has posted about their 4x10 bass cab. Try a "search" and you will probably find comments about the SansAmp rackmount and pedal, as well as some comments about their DIs.


Good luck.



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The official awesome budget bass rig of the bass forum I'm usually on is a SansAmp RBI preamp through a Crown or Yamaha poweramp (if I remember correctly) and an Avatar cab, all for about a grand shipped. Geddy Lee did his solo album using an RBI. I have the stompbox version, a SansAmp Bassdriver, it really makes marginal combos like my old Fender Bassman 60 (which is now marketed under Squire) and my nephew's SWR LA Gear 15" sound good.

As far as their cabs go--I didn't know they made them! Cool. I'd look at Avatar cabs--they're a good value--but it does take some more power to run them. Also ACME, which are supposedly awesome in their ability to reproduce low B strings.



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