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Just Saw .... Jimmy Haslip


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Just thought I'd share my "I just saw last night" thread with you all. I drove 400 miles (one way) to see the Yellowjackets at the "Dakota Bar & Grill" in St. Paul, MN. It's a small club and my seats were about 40 feet from the stage.


What can I say. It was a great 2 sets. They played new and old. "Spirit of the West", "Motet", "Prayer for Peace", etc. We also heard some stuff from the upcoming CD and it is awesome as usual. All 4 guys were on. Jimmy played some incredible solos. He is so damn fast, melodic, just jaw dropping to listen to. Almost more amazing than his solos was the way he could groove on whole and half notes. Just an incredible player. Mintzer, Ferrante and Baylor were great as well. The trading four's at the end of Evening News between bass and drums was fierce.


A really cool thing was getting there a little early and being able to sit in the bar and listen to their sound check and rehearsal. It was very interesting to watch a big name group with such stellar players check out the chart on a tune or two, run the bridge a few times, work the chord changes, etc.


They are also very down to earth and friendly people. They took time between sets and after the show to talk, sign CD's and take pictures. The pic of me and Jimmy will be on my web site soon.


If you get a chance to hear them, or any live performance of any group for that matter, do it. It energized me like crazy. All I wanted to do was play after hearing them.

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Glad to hear you felt energized !!!!


I also want to know about the equipment used (geez I'm such a gearhead).


I bet it was worth the trip !!




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