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I need some advice from the pros =D

I like bad music

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Hey, I've been jammin' along for awhile now. I'm 16, no amp yet, but I'll get that later =) I have some cheap-o fender jazz my dad bought me, that I love I might add. Since I like music, I usually just fiddle with my bass while I listen. I mostly try to jam to crap like Shellac, RATM, Primus, random hardcore snuff, random punk crap, random nu-metal stuff, metallica, pink floyd, led zeppelin, hendrix.. Hell, thinking about it I play to almost everything that isn't pop :D I even try to jam along to techno and other bassless music like the Oxes!


I'm havin' fun and all, even if I'm not in a band. I'm gonna take lessons soon, and as soon as I feel right I'll go out and try to find me one of them band things ;P One problem is, I don't have an amp. I feel very wierd trying bass amps out, I feel like everyone is watching me or I'll do something wrong and the amp will explode =(


What I'm basically here is to ask, what brands of amps are good? I've heard Mesa Boogie and Ampeg, but I'm looking for more of a combo rig. I really want to somone's tone like Bob Weston of Shellac, Tim Commerford of RATM or Claypool's sludgyish tone like when he plays My name is Mud live.


I've got about $700 to spend, and I fear used things =(


Edit - I know I probably can't get close to anyone good's tone with $700, but I want to try =P Oh, and I've been playing for about 8 months.

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