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Soundtrack Talk: Catch Me If You Can


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So I just got back from this movie, where the opening credits look really Hitchcock inspired. And the opening music was absolutely incredible...jazz ballad type music, some improv (including a nice section with solo bass and sax).


But this music was also distinguished by being outside the traditional jazz voicings and chords...I was thoroughly impressed.


At the end of the opening the screen reads: "music by John Williams."


Simply the best he's ever done in my opinion. During the show, they use classic performances of '60's jazz standards and "torch" songs.


The movie is very good too. I don't often buy soundtracks (in fact, never) but I may buy this one.

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I have yet to see this movie, but it looks very good. I enjoyed Lord of the Rings music too. My school band may use one of the pieces in there to audition for Honor Band of Texas this year,when we play at the Meyerson.


The only one I have bought was the soundtrack from That Thing You Do!

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I immediately felt the same way! The alto solo was fantastic! The soloist's last name was Higgins (Daniel-I think?) Did anyone else catch it in the closing credits? Anyone know of any of his album credits-if he has any? Great flick too!

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