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Need an Electric Upright.

Mr. Bassist

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Hi, new here.


I've been looking into EUB's, and basically have no clue what I'm looking at. Ive been playing fretless since the late 80's, and basically, it's time for an upright. Just seems like the next logical step in my playing career.


Should I concern myself with the myriad brands out there, or should I just bite the bullet and save up for a Ned Steinberger? There's not any shops here in Austin who carry any EUB's, so hands-on is going to be tough. I don't want to drop a wad of cash sight unseen on something I'm going to hate.


Reccomendations? (I'd prefer it NOT have any kind of a trad. body style-- I really like the straight looks of the N.S. basses)




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It's tough to make a recommendation not knowing what you want. EUBs really run the gamut- they are available in a wide range of types of instruments. Some truly attempt and nearly achieve the goal you'd think was in mind: sounding/feeling like a true amplified URB. However, others are electric fretless bass guitars on a stick.


As you mention, it is difficult to find EUBs to audition them; if it weren't for attending NAMM, I wouldn't have experienced as many as I have. There is a Yahoo EUB discussion group as well as a EUB database, both reachable through my Double Bass Links Page at http://www.urbbob.com/basslink.html where you will also find over a hundred makers. These resources may help your focus.


However, just like any opinion expressed on the net, you really have to evaluate the source, not just for credibility and experience, but for viewpoint and personal bent. We all have different goals and prejudices when choosing our own personal "best of breed".


I was seduced by the NS Design's photos, and my own creation, shown at http://www.eclecticbass.com/eurb.html was inspired by it. Unfortunately, the NS Design did not thrill me as expected-- but that's just this bass player, YMMV. I chose the Eminence as my candidate for best EUB, bought one to use myself, and experience with it has reinforced my decision. I'm also now Eminence's No. 1 dealer, as I really believe in the instrument.


Good luck in your quest!

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Thanks for the reply-- Eminence seem to come up a lot, and I'll look into those. I definitely want an acoustic sound-- I've got enough electrics already. I've heard there's pretty good pickups for the true acoustics these days, but I'm thinking for one, I'd always be amplifying it anyway, and for two, if I'm amplifying it, why carry all that bulk around.



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Welcome to this humble hangout.


I think the Eminence is the best I've played. I use a 1912 Lowendahl flatback with a Fishman, but get a better sound out of a 1975 Lewis laminate!


If you are interested in checking out that bass, as well as a few others, you might consider trying to get into the Texas Music Educators Conference exhibit hall in San Antonio on Feb. 12-15. Eminence normally sets up a booth.


You'd have to join TMEA to get in on your own; would cost less than $100 but you could attend sessions. If you could pal up with a Texas music teacher, they could get you into the exhibit hall with a "family" badge for $5. If you gig in the Austin area, I'll bet you play with someone who's a member already.

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