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I play bass...so what instrument do I play?


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By the way, on the list of bands with sequenced or keyboard basslines, I'm wondering how many of them perform live? Without a bassplayer?


Many of them perform live, with and without a bass player.


I'm also wondering why there are sample cd's available featuring the bass sounds of the top players if a minimoog can create such a superior sound.


Well then why are there sample cd's available of minimoog lines too? Because some people are not bass players, but still want the sound. Others are not keyboard players, but still want the sound.


Again, don't put words in my mouth. Anything is valid. You're the one pushing electric bass as superior, I said any sound is fair game to be used as bass.


But of course we're just a bunch of old whiners. On our way out, just like the dinosaurs. Or the viola da gamba players.


I don't know anything about you or your music. But I can't really argue about the whiner part. You've criticized bands without bass players, then you try to make it look like I'm the fool by implying that I suggested that electric bass was useless, which I never did.

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A note to milesbeyond:


I don't think jeremy is saying anything to you personally, except thanking you for posting your list. He is merely giving an opinion on the role (or future) role of the electric bass guitar in music. jeremy is a great player with a lot of good things to say, and if you took to time to listen to some of what he has to say (both his posts and his music), I think you will agree :D . I'm not trying to defend him, he's more than capable of doing that for himself, but I would like to express my opinion of his remarks.


BTW, Lee Michaels and Frosty were a kickin' rhythm section, and so were Chester Thompson and David Garibaldi of Tower of Power(they often took whole sections by themselves with Chester Thompson on Hammond pedal bass), but they didn't put Franco Rocco Prestia out of a job. It's just a different sound with different instruments.


YMMV :D , and I play the electric bass guitar for 30 plus years too!!!

I'm trying to think but nuthin' happens....
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Well, you smelled my defeat, so I conceded, perhaps with a touch of irony in my post. Or maybe not.


I've got no hard feelings, I even own some of the recordings by the groups on the no bass players list.


A guy sitting at a table full of stuff turning things on and off is not really a performance in my book. And singers performing to background tracks is a nice idea at a karaoke bar but not a performance that I would pay to see.


Yeah, and Marcus Miller scandalized us all by having synth bass on his cd's below his bass part.


The last time I was hired as a studio player to replace a synth track, I actually said, "Leave it alone, it sounds fine the way it is."


So I'm not as inflexible as you think I am, I just like to talk in specifics instead of generalities.

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